Data Jigsaw

Data Jigsaw with Chapel Street MarketingData Jigsaw is an independent company that specialises in Meter operator and Data Collection agreements, what makes us different to our opposition is the fact that we separate the cost in to a monthly fixed Direct Debit. Although many of the large electricity suppliers will bill this in to your delivered unit rate meaning you will see an increase to your cost but have no idea of the reasons for this, we believe in transparency and want you to know exactly what you are paying for and why?

What is Meter Operating and Data Collection?

Meter operating and Data Collection is an industry requirement for electricity supplies that use a large volume, such as maximum demand meters that were previously 05-08 meters. These supplies now have a requirement for an automatic meter to be installed which reads your meter every 30 mins to give the supplier more idea as to “how much, when and where” you use your electricity. This allows the suppliers to gain further knowledge to when you are going to draw from the network and how much you will require. This ensures that the customers who use large amounts of electricity will always have the capacity to fit their needs.

Why use Data Jigsaw?

We provide fully inclusive monthly cost that covers all requirements for Meter Operation & Data Collection compliance which on average is 33% cheaper than our competitors. Whereas our competitors charge an annual cost and separate the cost for Data Collection. We have a powerful web tool that allows our customers to obtain their own half hourly data at any time should they choose to.

There is generally a lot of confusion around the changes P272 brought and little explanation as to what these are and why you should be paying them. With our industry knowledge we can break down and explain these costs to you in a professional and thorough way.

Instead of extra charges within your monthly power bill, and a separate annual bill for the meter itself. Data Jigsaw give you one cost, paid monthly, and no annual fee or fluctuation on the total fee paid. In addition, you get a profile which is clear for your usage which helps power suppliers quote with more confidence on pricing each time you tender/audit options.