Better Connected

Better Connected with Chapel Street MarketingBetter Connected, now eight years as a limited entity are able to improve your business efficiency when utilities are involved. When I say efficiency, I refer to both time saved in man hours and also efficiencies in cost reduction along with energy saving measures.

I am proud to be part of an organisation where the client really is at the foremost importance of what we do. There are many services that we can perform for our clients, but all are tailored to the individual needs of each client. A one approach suits all method that is often applied by our competitors is really not our goal.

Starting when we first meet, with a face to face appointment we will discuss your needs, wants and aspirations for how in a real world you would like your utility account to be run. We would then review in full, the product type that the supplies are presently under to ensure that the one selected best suits the needs of your business. The alternative method, whereby a client is only contacted when there is a supply due to end contract does not touch the side when it comes to our approach. With one dedicated account manager that is office based and one dedicated field manager at your disposal, you can’t ever say that we are far away should you require any changes to the supply accounts you manage. All of our queries are dealt with within 24 hours of receipt, you compare that with a direct relationship from a supplier and will find that in this one area you have gained 4 days advancement. Tired of sitting on hold with a supplier to resolve an issue? Our clients do not have to experience this. Ever experienced having to explain a problem to an energy supplier on multiple occasions? How about a real human being to discuss a problem with, once, then let us go and resolve for you; could that get any easier?

Our aim or ethos if you will, is to make the running of your business utilities so efficient that you do not need to take time out of your business schedule and can therefore focus on what your core business does. We do this to put the control, choice and options available in your hands. You retain control, you retain the decision but it’s about understanding the different choices that are available to you in this current energy climate.

Since 2014, we really have seen big changes to the energy market where as I write currently 52% or so of your energy costs* are now not the actual commodity itself! Understanding these changes, the correct product to select and the best contract term is very rarely at the forefront of your business day to day activities. Yet the wrong choice in this area can have some catastrophic effects on the costs that you pay.

Let us be the people that you turn to for an explanation of why there have been changes to costs, what these now are and how the future plans of UK government will likely affect future changes. Let us be the experts, so that you don’t have too. Giving you back real time to deal with more important matters that are required from you, in your business.

In addition to this, we are paid by the energy supplier to manage your utility accounts. This means that there is no direct cost associated with building efficiency into your business when it comes to utility supplies. We crunch the numbers, analyse the data, review and reconcile invoices so that you don’t have to.

In short, if you trust in me, you will not be disappointed with the results that are achieved.

*Electricity costs are herein related to, gas costs are separated in a separate manner.