About Chapel Street Marketing

Connecting decision makers to qualified interest.

A company service to match the challenge.

Qualification of a service which will assist a business can be assumed but to be sure the service is suitable to the business a decision is made by the business itself. Often clarification with a meeting with a representative gives confidence to try. Chapel Street Marketing makes the initial calls and communications on behalf of clients which would like to increase customer volume. Qualification on criteria to find the ideal customer is researched by phone call, then the service is promoted and then if both the qualification of the customer matches the interest of the business, an appointment is arranged for a representative to visit the business.

All this sounds simple however it takes time, commitment and effort, in some cases the volumes or demands are higher, but the margins are tight. Chapel Street Marketing have techniques and modern systems which maximise there understanding on campaign data, a solution not just connected to phone calls but also customer behaviour on the internet. Systems connected to email and opening up human browsing actions picked up on feedback through pushed KPI.

Computers today allow huge volumes of activity to be completed with minimal worker volume, purchasing the data set to obtain the right client leads to the email of simple mailshots, however Chapel Street Marketing don’t just send blind, bulk scattered marketing, we work on the actions on the received. We then take the direct call approach, professionally and then discuss a service offer, building the relationships between people is our goal.

Connecting decision makers is key to progress, often the time loss when this is not the case is a higher cash loss than any marketing budget or investment, so set appointments are called the day before to confirm.

Chapel Street Marketing actively work, the campaigns are tracked and a report is exported and provided to the client with each months invoice. If your demands are ten days work, we will show you the actual number of marketing calls made per day over a ten day period so you have full awareness of the work effort made and a statistic of our achieved deliveries.

Chapel Street Marketing can deliver additional marketing solutions as a whole but firstly we introduce a working relationship which works, it gives us an understanding of your business, we may visit you or you may come to us to train the team, however with time and achievements we find we understand some synergy with other clients and offer additional marketing strategies.